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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Learning materials for professionals

Coronavirus (COVID-19) learning materials for professionals

During this period, we want to support staff to feel confident in their knowledge and skills.  

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) are developing a range of educational and induction resources, which are being hosted on  our 'Turas Learn' learning website.  

This is available for all health and social care staff and volunteers deployed to support clinical services, but will be particularly useful in the event of people needing redeployed to other areas. We have included input from Medicine, NMAHP, Psychology, Pharmacy and the Clinical Skills Managed Education Network.  

The website will be regularly reviewed to check the advice being given is up to date,  and we will be adding to it regularly, as new material currently in preparation becomes available.  To date it contains:

  • assessment diagnosis and management of suspected COVID 19 infection
  • details of the community pathway for managing COVID 19 in Scotland
  • how to take a respiratory history and examination
  • induction to community pharmacy
  • interpretation of arterial blood gases
  • management of patients with COVID 19
  • procedural skills linked to the assessment and management of COVID 19
  • protecting your workplace
  • protecting yourself in the workplace
  • rehearsing scenarios for practice in care of patients with COVID 19
  • wellbeing sections on looking after yourself, your patients and your staff 

Useful links include:

  • Apps to help with accessing the evidence to support decisions, remote working with consultations and related information governance guidelines
  • a link for trainees with guidance and documents relating to the impact on training.
  • Other links related to COVID 19 

We are happy to add material and to receive feedback to help improve the package - please contact NES at: