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Education and training

The NES Portal

Who can use The Portal?

Our audience is growing and now includes members of the Dental, Pharmacy and Medical* professions. Many more professions will be introduced to the system in the near future.

*An increasing number of Medical Educational Events are supported by the Portal; however you should take direction from NES staff as to whether the education you wish to access is currently available via the Portal

How to use the Portal

We also have a short video (1 min 39 secs) with instructions on how to create an account on the Portal.

Please note - sign up is not currently available from the mobile version of Portal so please sign up from a PC or laptop.


The Key features of the Portal are:

  • Online Shopping Cart area we call "iBooklet" that allows you to search and book courses. Thereafter you can manage the education you have booked by way of a suite of other functions available. **
  • Distance Learning is provided for some of our clients. This allows you to undertake learning when and where it suits you, with the system incorporating an online assessment area to allow you to test yourself against the material once the module is complete.
  • eLearning is also provided for some of our clients, again to allow you the flexibility to access learning when and where it suits you best.
  • Dental Vocational Training. This process is supported by the Portal from application through to appointment. Within this area we have developed a social networking area that allows those engaged in the recruitment process to interact with potential employers/employees, helping you decide on this important career decision.

** It works in a very similar manner to any other eCommerce application. Courses are added to your basket and you then check-out. Some of the courses on offer carry a charge, and this is supported by our online payment gateway, independently tested by security consultants.

As the Portal is a live system, you can be assured that once a course is booked your place on it is secure.

We also have a number of other related Training Modules that support our Train the Trainer programme along with Training Study Day activity.
Using The Portal

The Portal is a secure web application and you will need to sign-up for an account before accessing it.

  • This is a straight-forward activity that you will only ever have to do once.
  • The Account Creation area on our homepage has both written and video guidance to aid you through the process.

Useful links:

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