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Workforce Development

Out of Hours - Unscheduled Care

Information that will support both the Education and Continuous Professional Development for Out of Hours Unscheduled Care Practitioners and other relevant stakeholders is provided on this website.

For the Latest News Click Here (Update 22/05/2012)

Contemporary government policies have set out plans to further improve the effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness within Out of Hours (OOH) Unscheduled Care whereby patients have access to care that is safe, efficient, reliable and equitable.

With this policy context, nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals are already contributing to shaping and planning the future of the Unscheduled Care agenda by implementing strategies to support the development of extended and advanced roles.

The main aim of NHS Education for Scotland was to support the workforce development with this initiative by designing, commissioning, quality assuring  and where appropriate providing education, training and life long learning in Scotland.

The national Out of Hours (OOH) Unscheduled Care Steering Group is multidisciplinary and is made up from a variety of clinicians and key stakeholders. This group provides a mechanism for communication around the Unscheduled Care agenda and advises on new and innovative initiatives.

A summary of the work that has been taken forward  includes:

  • The development of Unscheduled Care benchmarking statements
  • Review of the OOH Unscheduled Care competencies
  • Development of  OOH Unscheduled Care portfolio which incorporates a work based learning element  ( Accredited at Level 11 - Masters Level)
  • Development of live consultations that can be used for teaching within the clinical area to support Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Networking forum for Unscheduled Care practitioners
  • Pump priming to support mental health training
  • Pump priming for forty practitioners to undertake the work based learning element within the portfolio