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Workforce Development

Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW)

To develop and implement a national approach to supporting and developing assistants to Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professions at levels 2 to 4 of the Career Framework for Health

Guide to Education and Role Development

In June 2009, NES published 'A Guide to Healthcare Support Worker Education and Role Development', which sets out the nationally agreed educational requirements and core skills for clinical HCSWs.

To download a copy of the Guide and the accompanying letter from Ros Moore, Chief Nursing Officer and Jacqui Lundy, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, Scottish Government Health Directorate and Helen McKinnon, Executive Nurse Director and Sonya Lam, Director of AHPs, NHS Education for Scotland please click on the links below:

HCSW Toolkit

Following publication of the Guide, an online toolkit resource which provides guidance and educational resources for both clinical and non-clinical HCSW roles was developed and launched in June 2010.

Induction Standards & Codes

To assist Boards in preparing for implementation of the Mandatory Induction Standards and Codes, NES have produced a number of learning resources which can be downloaded from the HCS toolkit.