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Workforce Development

Examples of regional work

Examples of regional work across NES

Examples of regional work - carried out in partnership with NES - are outlined below.

South East Education Forum

The South East (NHS) Education Forum was a strategic learning community, working on important issues affecting workforce planning and service development in the South East.

SE Forum 7th Event Final Report 2011 (doc)

South East Projects

Many educational projects have been carried out in partnership with others across the south east. Also, see 'Useful Links' below.

Age as Asset - summary 2010 (doc)

Age as Asset - final report from 2010 event (doc)

Age as Asset - literature review 2009 (doc)

Age as Asset - thank you letter to participants & key messages 2010 (doc)

Developing a teaching community health parntership in NHS Fife 2010 (doc)

Interprofessional Masterclass - overview (doc)

SWEDAG - South East Workforce Education & Development Advisory Group

SWEDAG is a strategic group that meet to address workforce and development issues across the south east.

Overview of SWEDAG (doc)


West region - Intermediate Care

'Capable, Integrated and Fit for the Future' - a multi-agency capability framework for intermediate care

This NES-funded project was developed by NHS Lanarkshire in partnership with North and South Lanarkshire councils. This framework focuses on intermediate care (the transition between hospital and home), but the capabilities, knowledge and learning outcomes can be used for other care groups.

Intermediate Care Capability Framework 2010 (doc)

West region - Doing with, not to: community resilience & co-production

This NES-funded project was commissioned to explore the factors that contribute to community resilience and co-production i.e. how communities function and enhance well-being and how public services can work with these communities.


Doing with, not to: community resilience & co-production 2011 (doc)