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Latest initiatives

Latest initiatives

This section contains information on the latest education and training resource which we have developed for NHSScotland staff and, increasingly, for Social Care staff.


Initiative: Supporting People to Work

Work is a key determinant of health and helping people to engage in work or other meaningful activity contributes significantly to positive long term health outcomes. For those people with a health barrier to remaining in or returning to work, the attitude of healthcare professionals towards the relationship between health and work is critical.

Initiative: Learning space on Autism Spectrum Disorders

A range of NES learning resources that support the Scottish Autism Strategy.

Initiative: The NES Portal

The NES Portal is our national online course booking and management application, allowing you to search and book CPD events offered by NHS Education for Scotland. Furthermore, it is the primary application used in Dental Vocational Training recruitment and management.

Initiative: Child Health

This is an exciting time for the Children and Young People's Health in Scotland. The Better Health, Better Care National Delivery Plan for Children and Young People's Specialist Services in Scotland (SGHD, 2009) meets a key milestone in the commitments set out in Better Health, Better Care (SGHD, 2007).

Initiative: SMAAD Group

Trained anaesthetic assistant are essential for the safe delivery of anaesthesia. Skilled anaesthetic assistance in Scotland is provided by anaesthetic nurses or by operating department practitioners. The education and training for operating department practitioners has been established over many years but the core competencies required by anaesthetic nurses were not defined until 2006 when the Core Competencies for Anaesthetic Assistants document was published by NHS Education Scotland.

Initiative: Effective Practitioner

Supporting NMAHP practitioners at Level 5 or 6 of the Career Framework for Health

Initiative: Healthcare Associated Infections

The HAI team lead the educational elements of the Scottish Government's HAI Task Force delivery plan on the prevention and control of infection

Initiative: General Practice Nursing Toolkit

The web-based NES General Practice Nurse Toolkit was developed in response to the need for nurses to have easy access to up-to-date information to inform their daily work.

Initiative: The Knowledge Network

Evidence into Practice helps clinicians to find, share and apply evidence to practice in order to deliver the best quality patient care.