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Pre - Registration Pharmacist Scheme

The NHS Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme (PRPS) was launched in 2006 by the Scottish Government.

The Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme (PRPS) is rooted in a 2004 report on pre-registration training by the National Pharmaceutical Forum, which highlighted inconsistency in the quality of training provision in the pre-registration year as an area of concern, and recommended NHS Education for Scotland (NES) involvement in the management of pre-registration training.

The purpose of the PRPS is to ensure that every pre-registration pharmacist funded by the NHS in Scotland receives support and a high quality training opportunity and experience, regardless of practice setting.

Before the introduction of the PRPS, NES Pharmacy historically co-ordinated and organised the recruitment of pre-registration pharmacists for the hospital sector in NHS Scotland. NES Pharmacy supported pre-registration training in all sectors of practice through the provision of direct learning events and distance learning packs, and facilitated cross sector experience for pre-registration trainees as part of their training programme.

With the introduction of the PRPS, the NES Pharmacy remit for pre-registration pharmacists expanded towards the development and management of an educational infrastructure for all pre-registration pharmacists and their tutors in Scotland.

The main components of the scheme are: