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Prescribing and Clinical Skills

Independent Prescribing

NES Pharmacy supports Pharmacist Independent Prescribers (PIPs) both within their training period and in implementation of their training into practice once they have qualified and are registered as a pharmacist prescriber with the GPhC.

We also commission both Schools of Pharmacy in Scotland to organise and run Independent Prescriber courses each year. Pharmacists who practise in Scotland can also apply to NES Pharmacy for funding to undertake these courses; full details are available on our funding page.

To contact and support PIPs in Scotland, we hold a national database. The database also supports workforce planning nationally. All Pharmacists funded for training via NES Pharmacy are automatically entered onto the database. We use this database to identify experienced prescribers who can support PIPs in training and newly qualified prescribers and to offer and publicise additional training opportunities.

If you are not on this database, perhaps because you have completed your IP training outwith Scotland and wish to be listed on the database please contact your Regional Practice Education Co-ordinator.

We have also developed a webcast (Qualification and Implementation) to support PIPs in implementing prescribing into their daily practice.

Clinical Skills courses

We organise and run courses to support Pharmacist prescribers and those in training to develop appropriate clinical skills, at both core and advanced levels.

Teach and Treat Centres

NES Pharmacy in collaboration with several Health Boards have developed Teach & Treat centres to support qualified PIPs who are not using their prescribing qualification and are working in primary care. These multi-professional training programmes, led by experienced PIPs, are used to support development of appropriate clinical skills to deal with a specific patient caseload. 

Return to Prescribing

If you are qualified as an independent prescriber but have not practised as one recently, please contact to request our support to help you Return to Prescribing. 

For further information please contact your Regional Practice Education Coordinator or Rachel Bruce