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Postgraduate Funding

Postgraduate funding

Postgraduate funding is available for NHS Health Board managed service pharmacists (hospital and primary care) to undertake postgraduate diploma and degree courses.

Information on timing of applications is distributed via Health Board Education and Training leads.

Summary of the process:
• Applications for funding should be made to your Director of Pharmacy within the timescales given, using the paperwork distributed.

• Applications for funding will then be authorised and prioritised by the relevant NHS Health Board Director of Pharmacy and sent to Anne Watson, Postgraduate Pharmacy Dean, NES, 2 Central Quay, Glasgow.

• NES decisions regarding funding requests will be communicated to the Directors of Pharmacy and you should be advised of the outcome by your local Director of Pharmacy.

• A Signed Agreement between the Sponsored Applicant and NES should be returned to NES by successful applicants.

• Registration will take place in line with the appropriate University’s timescales.