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Resources for Infection & Antimicrobial Stewardship

There are a variety of resources available to help you complete the Advanced EPP Infection and Antimicrobial Stewardship module.They are displayed within the ePortfolio but the spreadsheet of all resources is available below to download.The resources are organised by the Elements within the Advanced EPP Competency Framework.

There are a few resources listed which are on the YouTube platform and may not be accessible from NHS premises. These may require to be viewed from home or on a personal electronic device.

*Please note that the resources for this training module will be moving to be within the eportfolio*

Resources for the competency framework

  • Access the resources for this specialist module (March 2016)
  • There are FAQs within the eportfolio resources   
  • The Lothian CF Antmicrobial Prescribing Guide  is within the ePortfolio
  • Drug Dosing in Extremes of Body Weight in critically ill patients UKCPA* *Critical Care Group, 1st Edition, Sept  2013 is within the eportfolio
  • All presentations relating to data, quality and statistics are now within the ePortfolio  
  • The recordings about Pharmacokinetics are now within the eportfolio                                                                                                    

Information for the Microbiology Laboratory visit

  • Access to the work to be completed prior to the visit is within ePortfolio

 Access the ePortfolio