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Introducing prescriber prepared skills for Foundation pharmacists in training as NHS Scotland remobilises

Prescriber Ready 1

General Pharmaceutical Council regulations stipulate that pharmacists must have worked in a relevant, patient-facing area for two years before applying to train as an Independent Prescriber. Historically, training pharmacists in the skills to become a prescriber has commenced after the completion of the two -year Foundation Training programme to comply with the regulations. However, as the value of pharmacists as prescribers becomes increasingly clear, there is a need to develop the confidence and competence of our Foundation pharmacists in skills such as; clinical assessment, decision making and consultation.  For this reason, in August 2020 at the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital the pharmacy team piloted two face-to-face training sessions with a cohort of 30 of our current Foundation pharmacists from across Scotland. The session was developed by Rachel Bruce (Principal Lead - Prescribing and Clinical Skills)and run with clinical educators from pharmacy, medicine and nursing professions. The sessions will be evaluated and reviewed, and a plan will be developed to roll out further training across NHS Scotland.

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