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Healthcare Science


This directory lists NES contacts for healthcare science. It includes NES staff and those appointments to NHS Boards around Scotland that are supported by NES to develop healthcare science.

NHS Education for Scotland  - Healthcare Science

Updated 15-03-19


Core team:

Dr Robert Farley - Healthcare Science Programme Director

Andrew Davie  - Principal Lead (CPD)

Claire Cameron - Principal Lead (Practitioners)

Dr James Logie - Principal Lead (Accreditation and TPM)

Dr Lorna Crawford - Principal Lead (Accreditation and TPM)

Simon Petrie - Business Support

HCS Mailbox - Mailbox for all HCS enquiries

Charlie Brownlee - Management Accountant

Leanne Neil - Finance Analyst

and key contributions from:

NES Events team X3   NES Events website

NES Leadership/ training  X2