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Business and Administrative Services

Additional Information and Resources

You may also be interested in the following information and resources:

Contact us at if you would like some copies.

The Well-Qualified Workforce is a guide to choosing the right work-related qualifications for staff and organisation. This leaflet provides a useful table of the key features of the main types of work-related qualifications accredited by SQA or offered by SQA and other awarding bodies for learners in Scotland. 

Review of the use of Scottish Vocational Qualifications by NHSScotland Boards - In 2010 NES commissioned a review to "investigate the benefits to NHS Boards of staff completing SVQs and explore how these benefits might contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives".

Details of the review and it's finding can be found in the Executive Summary and Report.

The Administrator's Guide to the Quality Strategy and Quality Improvement has been designed to help administrators throughout NHSScotland recognise:

  • how Government policy relates to their work
  • how their work can contribute to the improvement of services

The Guide provides:

  • user-friendly summaries of The Quality Strategy and what is meant by 'Quality Improvement'
  • practical examples of how the work of administrators support the quality agenda
  • guidance and links to information and resources to help administrative staff contribute to quality improvement activities

The Administrator's Guide is available as an interactive pdf via this LINK.

A number of case studies have been developed to illustrate how administrative staff can improve local services. These are also available via this LINK.