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Supportive Conversations Around Planned Absences from Training


Supportive Conversations Around Planned Absences from Training

During 2021 the Deanery has been working closely with NHS Scotland Boards to improve support to doctors in training returning from an absence. Much of this activity has focused on new principles for supporting trainees returning to clinical practice, and it is hoped that these new principles will be in place from summer 2022.

The Deanery has also begun looking at how we, and our trainers, can best support trainees when they are planning for, or returning from, an absence. The first initiative from this is our process for supportive conversations around planned absences.

Trainees might have a planned absence from their training programme for a variety of reasons; these can include being out of programme, being on leave for the arrival of a child & career breaks.

On all such occasions we want to begin discussing plans for return to clinical practice as early as possible so that when the time to return arrives the experience can be a positive and supportive one.  

New resources can be found on the Scotland Deanery website to support trainees and trainers in undertaking these conversations and recording any plans for return. Of course, we understand that whilst taking time away from training plans can change, and anything discussed will need to be flexible, but we hope that early consideration of how to support a positive return will make the transition seamless and enhance safety for trainees and patients.  

If you are a trainee planning an absence from training, or a trainer whose trainee is planning an absence from training, please refer to the further information available here

Supportive Conversations Around Planned Absences from Training