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New to training in Scotland?


New to training in Scotland?

Some useful links

Welcome to the Scotland Deanery!  We hope that you will enjoy your time here.

The Scotland Deanery website: is an essential resource which provides you with useful contacts and information in relation to your training.  For example:

Who is your NES Training Management Administrator?
Information for all administrative contacts for all training specialities in Scotland

Specific suites of pages in relation to Foundation Training
Trainee information about the Scottish Foundation School

How to apply for Study Leave
Study leave continues to be available to Doctors in Training and should be requested using our standard process as outlined here

Study Leave for Foundation Doctors
The Scotland Deanery Study Leave policy

What you need to know about your Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)
You will receive an ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) at least on an annual basis. It is a process which enables you and the deanery to record that you are gaining all competencies required by your training programme at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience.

There is also advice and guidance on your options for:

Less Than Full Time Training
The guidelines below are intended to address the specific needs of those who wish to train on a LTFT basis.  The terms flexible training and less than full-time training are synonymous and equate to training that is carried out on a part time basis.

Out of Programme
This guidance is for trainees wishing to take time out of their approved training programme for research, acting up, sabbatical or another reason.

Transfers (Inter deanery)
The National Inter Deanery Transfer (IDT) process has been established to support trainees who have had an unforeseen and significant change in their personal circumstances since the commencement of their current training programme which requires a move to a different Deanery within the UK.

How to Report a Concern
Most trainees have a positive experience in their placements on their training programme. However, from time to time some of you will encounter a problem or issue that causes concern. This might mean you don't know who to talk to in the department if it relates to a colleague or a safety concern.

Advice and guidance in relation to Recruitment
The Scotland Deanery offers programmes in all parts of Scotland. We have five offices based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness which cover the whole of Scotland from urban to rural settings and distant islands. We offer a comprehensive array of programmes across the country.

Feedback is always welcome in relation to the Deanery website. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us

New to training in Scotland?

Some useful links